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Date: Jan 09 2008
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The Zambian culture allows no discussion on Hiv/Aids and sick people are stigmatised.  Kalusha, during his football career, did not shy away from any subjects and in 1993 he cooperated in a controversial TV commercial in Zambia about HIV aids.  This made him the first Zambian to speak about the use of condoms on TV.  It almost cost him his captain’s band in the national team but would have cost Zambia less victims if the commercial was broadcast more often at the time. 

In 2002 Kalusha worked alongside Memisa and the KNVB in an HIV/AIDS project through a football competition by informing the public through good education.  By going to see a duel between two local football teams, plays were performed for large groups of children and the message was clear to all:  use a condom.  Because of Kalusha’s influence on young people, this project became a large success.
After the 2002 project, Kalusha worked with a ‘Measles Campaign’ for Unicef and Right to Play in 2003.  Together with other well known sports personalities, Kalusha made a national effort for a measles vaccination campaign in Zambia.

In August 2003, Kalusha founded the Kalusha Foundation in Zambia. The mission of the Kalusha Foundation is:

  • Organizing Sports Activities for Youth in Zambia under guidance of coaches
  • Using these Activities to give Information about the dangers, the devastating effect, the prevention and the battle against HIV/AIDS

The aim of the Kalusha Foundation is to eventually have 9 sport centres located throughout the country.  Here, athletes, children and youth will be offered sport facilities, education, medical care and information regarding Hiv/Aids.  The centres will be the place from which the foundation can spread, by means of sports and with the aid of athletes, its message regarding the dangers of Hiv/Aids.