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Kalusha Foundation

Date: Jan 17 2008
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The Kalusha Bwalya Foundation Trust is a non-governmental charitable organization which was established by Mr. Kalusha Bwalya in June 2003.

Our vision is:

To that end we promote youth football and conduct HIV/AIDS awareness among youth.

The Kalusha Foundations main activities are providing coaching courses, organising workshops, organising a football league and tournaments (both boys and girls) and HIV/AIDS and other ‘life skills’ education.

The most important one for the development of Zambia’s health and living standards is the life skills education. Unfortunately, a lot still has to be done to get this education to a higher level; more coaches and peer educators need to be trained.

Girls participation is very important, the Foundation aims for equal rights in football. We now have girls teams as well as tournaments in all the different zones.

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 The Kalusha Foundation is a not for profit non governmental Sport and Development organisation. Established in 2003, the Foundation is developing football, conducting HIV/AIDS awareness and promoting healthy lifestyles among youth in underprivileged communities.

The Foundation runs youth football leagues and tournaments, conducts coaches training courses and trains HIV/AIDS youth peer educators. The Foundation is using the power of football to mobilise youths to sensitise them against HIV/AIDS and to provide healthy recreation.

We operate in Lusaka and the rural areas of Monze - in the Southern Province - and Mpika - in the Northern Province. The communities are divided into zones which can contain up to five townships. The Foundation is supporting leagues in eight zones, with up to 120 girls’ and boys’ teams