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Champions of the Environment Foundation

Date: Nov 30 2010
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Brief history and current status:
The 1st Advocacy Session was held on 2nd December 2007 – with a cross section of more than sixty industry players who form, influence and implement environmental policy, including the Department of Environment and Tourism. The outcome of the 2day agenda was a unanimous vote by a show of hands that there is a need for a separate, autonomous and apolitical body to drive the foundation.
A steering committee was formed consisting of 7 members. Each member was tasked or selected tasks to make the Champions of the Environment Foundation happen.
Since that day, we have appointed a legal policy advisor, who drafted the articles and memorandum of association plus the director guidelines ensuring that the board understands their role and responsibilities. An independent Administration manages the disbursements and payroll, ensuring additional good corporate governance and transparent reporting to the financial contributors. Identified and selected a board of directors, conducted independent media audits on the relevance of the Champions of the Environment Foundation, the aims and objectives, appointed a brand agency, PR Agency, analysed the MDGs selected our imperatives and registered the trademark.
In keeping with the collective initiative of the Foundation, its leadership and management is placed in the hands of a diverse Board of Trustees. The Board consists of persons representing a wide range of interests, including (but not limited to):
business and industry, communities, sport, education and training institutions, donor organizations and traditional leaders.


  1. Identify, support and reward outstanding environmental initiatives through the implementation of programs which assess and acknowledge contributions made from all sectors of society.

    The Foundation serves as an environmental overseer, monitoring the ecological imprint of all groups in society and guiding them to respond appropriately and effectively.
    • To this end, the Foundation has developed a specific set of aims which are tailored to the following spheres: political, legal, technological, corporate, social, cultural, religious, traditional and international. These aims will steer the Foundation’s activities and act as a guide for South Africans who share the commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment.
  2. Harness resources in the promotion of sound environmental management, and will be guided by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Millennium Development Goals

Since being reintegrated into the global economy and international community it is expected that we will meet international environmental standards. This fact is underlined by South Africa, as a signatory to many international documents, one being the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2001. The next MDG signatory measurement and feedback session will take place in September 2010.

As South Africans we have a responsibility to ensure that we are doing our utmost to reach our goals by 2015.

The Champions of the Environment Foundation hopes within the next three years to achieve significant, measureable improvement in the quality of people’s lives by adapting and applying the MDGs as our imperatives and addressing:

  • Gender equality and empowering women a value enshrined in South Africa’s constitution. However, the implementation of this ideal cannot be made by the stroke of a pen and the lack of gender equality is still obvious in all social strata.
  • Environmental sustainability via education will reduce child mortality and improve maternal health is also linked to the empowerment of women as they form the fabric of society.
  • Developing global partnerships includes a commitment to good governance and reporting structures. This enables us to transparently deliver reports and statistics to our partners and contributors on return of their investment.


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