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FAZ Vision and Mission Statement


• To take Zambian Football into a new dawn both on and off the field; Nationally, Continentally and Globally.
• To Galvanise the Nation, by reigniting the passion of each and every Zambian for their National Teams.
• To strive to attain the highest standard of football, through sustained development, key partnerships and International exposure.
• For Zambian Football to become a Continental powerhouse and reclaim its rightful place in African Football once again.

Mission Statement

• Our greatest asset is our soccer heritage, this we must undertake to restore to its former glory.
• We will achieve excellence both on and off the field.
• Through one sustained unified vision we aim at enhancing the image of Zambian Football with every action we undertake.
• I am committed to upholding the highest levels of professionalism and attain levels of distinction for Zambian Football.
• To fully develop the untapped potential and natural football resource Our Nation has to offer.


• We believe that the more we value our brand, the more valuable it will become.
• Therefore we plan to constantly strive for excellence in everything we do in order to attain credibility as leading African Football Brand with a view to achieving our goal to become a truly African Brand.